Part r 18. Calendar

It seems that winter holidays are far behind us, but there is always a good time to do some colouring. And to make things more fun, there is a secret message hidden across the images. Can you find what it is?

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Part 17. Surprise

Detective Snail is looking for someone to play with. All the forest friends seem to be suspiciously busy and appear to be avoiding her…

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Comic strip stories for kids

Li-Lili is series of illustrated stories about chameleon Li, butterfly Lili and their friends. Together they explore the world, learn about emotions and themselves. They look for answers to various questions like ‘Where does the rain come from?’, ‘What is chameleon’s true colour?’ and many more. Each story comes with free to download colouring sheets with the featured artwork..

Meet Li, Lili and other friends

Li-Lili comic strip stories introduce children to various forest creatures where everyone can find their favourite characters to relate to. Whether it is the hedgehog Spikey, who is scared of baloons, the naughty squirrel Nono or the wise professor Mosquito – Li-Lili is home for all of them.

games and other fun activities

Inspired by Li-Lili stories we also create, test and share our ideas for DIY games, models and other fun activities. You will find free to download templates and instructions to create your own board games and models with your little ones. All that you will need is some cardboard, scissors, glue and some colouring pens!


We collaborate with the RedBubble platform to bring you a collection of our baby and children clothes, various accessories, art prints and much more featuring our favourite Li-Lili artwork.


I am Laura and this is my son Vincent.

Ever since I was little, I was fascinated by comics and telling stories through images. Becoming a parent, inspired me to create a magical world full of friendly creatures for my son to relate to and understand the world around him.

That is how Li-Lili was born, and I am very excited to be sharing it with you and your little ones.