Diy: Baloon run

Quite accidentally, while drawing the story about the baby hedgehog Spikey and his fear of balloons, I created this simple board game, which we call the Baloon Run. Vincent adores it so much that we even play it at our dinner table sometimes… oh yes, rolling the dice to count the number of spoonfuls he eats.

The rules are simple. The first player rolls the dice and moves the baloon token. If the baloon lands on something spiky, everyone shouts ‘POP’ and it is the next player’s turn. If you are lucky and you land on something soft, you can roll the dice again. The player that reaches the finish line first – wins.

You will find all you need for this DIY board game in the download links below. I suggest you glue the dice and the tokens on a thicker paper or a cardboard so that they can withstand all these hours of fun!

To be continued…

Here are the print ready A4 colouring sheets