Part 4. Red baloon & Beary

This time we will learn why hedgehog Spikey is scared of balloons and what is that weird noise in the distance that caught squirrel Nono’s attention.

Forest friends heard a weird noise coming from far away. The adventurous squirrel Nono was the first to jump onto the highest branch to investigate. As chameleon Li was turning around to see what was happening, hedgehog Spikey shrugged and rolled into a spiky ball.

Nono quickly shouted her goodbyes as she ran off in the direction of the weird noice. Spikey carefully opened his eye to wave her goodbye, but suddenly saw a big red baloon flying towards him. Poor hedgehog Spikey got so frightened that he curled back into a ball again. Chameleon Li was keen to learn why Spikey was afraid of balloons and Spikey told his story.

When Spikey was just a baby hedgehog he saw a big red baloon floating towards him. Baby Spikey got curious and crawled closer. He pointed his little baby spikes at the baloon and the baloon popped with a loud noise. Baby Spikey burst into tears and never came close to any balloons ever since.

Chameleon Li listened to Spikey’s story carefully and suddenly he had an idea on how to help his friend to overcome his fears.

“Spikey, what if you showed the baloon your soft side? Maybe it wouldn’t pop and you could be friends?” Suggested Li. Li was right. Hedgehog Spikey pulled up his courage, gave the red baloon a big hug and… it didn’t pop! It was round and soft, and Spikey was no longer afraid of it.

Meanwhile, squirrel Nono spotted who was making such a loud and weird noise. It was the little bear Beary sleeping in the bed of flowers without a worry in the world.

To be continued…

Here are the print ready A4 colouring sheets