Part r 18. Calendar

It seems that winter holidays are far behind us, but there is always a good time to do some colouring. And to make things more fun, there is a secret message hidden across the images. Can you find what it is?

1st December Letters
2nd December Having fun in snow
3rd December Snow angels
4th December Budhist world celebrates Bodhi Day
5th December Meeting your old friend
6th December It is St. Nicholas Day
7th December I just love snowflakes
8th December Who is hiding under the snow?
9th December Taking care of our little friends
10th December Decorations
11th December Love our differencies
12th December Secret Santa
13th December Snow fight!
14th December Night lights
15th December Colours
16th December Ice skating
17th December Get cookies ready
18th December Celebrating Hanukkah
19th December You’ve got mail!
20th December Snowman
21st December Winter Solstice
22nd December Happy Pancha Ganapati!
23rd December We are ready
24th December Magical night

Here are the print ready A4 colouring sheets