Part 15. Autumn

OH NO!!! The beautiful leaves are falling off the trees! We need to save them!..

Li and Lili can’t believe their eyes… They hold their breath for a moment as one of the tree leaves shrugs and silently falls to the ground. It doesn’t take long before another leaf trembles and off it goes to meet its friends in a colourful pile below.

We need to do something!..’, chameleon Li seems determined. He has just an idea how to save all these leaves and rushes off to get his scissors and a sticky tape. Hours go by before Li notices hedgehog Spikey who is watching this unusual operation all along.

Chameleon Li seems confused. ‘Why no-one else is worried that our trees are losing all these beautiful leaves?’. Chameleon Li looks around and sees the sweet Uni-Pony creating a masterpiece from the fallen leaves, both Spikey and Nono are busy picking the delicious apples, mushrooms and acorns… Even Beary seems relaxed.

It is the wise professor Mosquito who finally puts Li at ease. ‘You don’t have to worry, my dear. This is Autumn – the magical time of the year. Trees drop their leaves and cover the earth with a colourful blanket decorated with all the shades of burning reds and cheerful yellows. The earth brings all her gifts in return – the delicious fruit, vegetables and mushrooms – they call it the Autumn harvest.

‘It is time to cuddle up and prepare for the winter nap’, smiles Beary.

But before the winter sets in, it is time to enjoy the final warm days of the year and have some fun with your friends! Li is no longer worried and is the first one to jump into the biggest pile of autumn leaves.

… Once the winter will be over, the trees will bloom with the new beautiful leaves again to announce the beginning of another season – Spring.

To be continued…

Here are the print ready A4 colouring sheets