Part 14. Imaginary friend

What is this? Blue Strawberries and purple Spikey? Even Bunny Bobby looks unusual with the blue tail. Someone must have mixed up all the colours…

The forest friends wake up to find that all of their colours have been mixed up. The sleepy Beary is covered in green and the little squirrel Nono is puzzled about her new blue fur. Even the fruit and berries don’t look the same this morning.

‘What is this?..’ mumbles confused Spikey as all of his spikes are now bright pink in colour. ‘Pink looks really good on you, Spikey’, smiles Bunny Bobby, ‘… but look at my blue tail?’.

High up in the tree, Nono spots small coloured footprints leading all the way to the forest. ‘Whoever changed our colours might be hiding in there…’, suggests chameleon Li. ‘We need to call detective Snail to help us get our colours back!’, exclaims Lili. All the friends agree as detective Snail sets out to find the mystery colour swapper.

The colour tracks take detective Snail all the way to the old tree where she sees Uni-Pony. ‘Uni-Pony? Was it you who swapped all the colours around?.. And why are your colours unchanged?’, asks detective Snail.

‘It wasn’t me this time’, answers Uni-Pony. ‘But I know who loves playing with colours and swapping them around…’.

‘Meet my dear imaginary friend – Mr. Crayon’, Uni-Pony stars the introduction, ‘Mr. Crayon loves painting the world in different colours and changing the rules… and don’t worry. You will all get your colours back once Mr. Crayon is asleep again’.

‘… and finally, to answer your question – my colours did change as well. But since my hair is so colourful already, no one even notices the change…’, explains Uni-Pony to detective Snail.

Meanwhile Mr. Crayon yawns and all the colours of the forest start to slowly change back to normal.

To be continued…

Here are the print ready A4 colouring sheets