Part 13. Flower president

After a long and hot summer day, we watered our thirsty plants and were ready to settle down for a bedtime story. This was a story told so vividly by my husband Nuno that I just had to draw it.

The gentle morning sun is up. It slowly starts to tickle the petals of the sleepy flowers and one by one they lift their heads to greet the sun. Pleased with the waking meadows, the sun streches its firey rays to announce the start of the day.

‘Water…’, exhales the thirsty flowers as the midday sun starts to burn their leaves. Desperate plants suddenly notice a watering can nearby! All they need to do is just pour some refreshing water over their melting heads… but they can’t reach it, their roots are stuck in the ground – they are plants, and plants grow from the ground.

After some discussions, the flowers agree that they need to elect a president, someone that can get the watering can and resolve the water situation.

‘A resident?’, wonders a small flower in the furthest corner of the crowd, ‘I am a resident of this meadow’.

Just as the plants are murmuring in agreement, making plans for the presidential election, some chilled water droplets land on their heads. How refreshing, how enjoyable and unexpected!

It is hedgehog Spikey that picks up the watering can and is watering the flowers on this hot summer afternoon. The flowers swing and sway in joy shanting ‘Here is our president Spikey!, taking care of the smallest’.

Meanwhile, the little flower at the edge of the meadow seems a bit confused. ‘Resident Spikey?’, wonders the flower, ‘…but my name is not Spikey, I am resident Mike…’.

To be continued…

Here are the print ready A4 colouring sheets