Part 12. Fireflies

What are these beautiful lights in the night sky? So shimmery, so sparkly… Are these the stars or the summer fairy-lights?

Butterfly Lili is mesmerised by the dancing lights in the night sky. ‘These must be the stars’, Lili concludes, ‘… as they glow so peacefully’.

The cluster of lights surrounds the tree where squirrel Nono is preparing a secret birthday party for Spikey. ‘Oh, these are just what I was missing’, Nono claps her hands happily, ‘the perfect fairy-lights!’.

Another glowing ball is resting on the leaf just above the snoozing Beary’s head. As a true night-light, it is guarding Beary’s sweet dreams and scares away any spooky monsters.

‘That means that someone just had a great idea!’, exclaims bunny Bobby. ‘Everybody knows that a light bulb appears over ones head as soon as a new idea enters it.’

A silent wise voice can be heard in the background. ‘These are the lovely fireflies’, explains professor Mosquito. ‘Fireflies are the glowing nocturnal insects from the beetles family’.

The chemical reaction in fireflies bellies make them light up’, continues professor Mosquito, ‘… just like my mood lights up when I see them and remember the young summer nights…’.

To be continued…

Here are the print ready A4 colouring sheets