Part 11. Magic glasses

Chameleon Li finds unusual glasses. What could it be? Why do my friends suddenly turn into brave superheroes, scientists and pirates? And why is detective Snail so excited?..

Butterfly Lili is watching her friend Li as he tries the mysterious glasses on. ‘Look, Lili’, exclaims Li, ‘I can see everything so much clearer with these glasses! Wait, who is there hiding behind the tree?’.

There is the Super Spikey behind that tree. This courageous hedgehog is a real superhero as he is not afraid to stand up and face his fears. This is the bravest thing that one can do.

Look, there is also the Scientist Bobby performing an important science experiment. His love for numbers and his curious mind will help create the greatest things in this world.

The fearless Trapeze Artist Nono soon enters the scene. Ever since her ribbon got stuck on the tree branches, she was transformed to perform the breath taking jumps and swings high above our heads. What speed, what elegance…

It doesn’t take long until Li realises that these glasses are no ordinary ones. These are the magic glasses! They let one see things for what they truly are. ‘Let’s show these glasses to detective Snail’, suggests Lili.

‘What is this?’, asks detective Snail while trying the magic glasses on. ‘These glasses are wonderful! They would really help with my investigations’.

We would be invincible detectives together with the professor Mosquito, the magnifying glass and these magic glasses!’, detective Snail can’t retain the excitement.

Here comes Beary the Explorer! He travels to the furthest lands, islands and kingdoms, fights dragons and dances with elves. Beary is ready to go on the wildest adventures… each time he closes his eyes for a nap and starts dreaming.

Suddenly the Uni-Ponygassus flies over the skies. One can feel the gushes of a warm and gentle wind as he glides through the clouds. There are no limits to the creativity and imagination of this artistic pony.

Detective Snail now turns to see his friend chameleon Li through the magic glasses. The magic should help her see through the chameleon camouflage and show its true colours…

All that detective Snail can see is the true Friend Li. The kind and funny, loving and honest chameleon that all the forest friends got to know and love. ‘I am as you see me’, whispers Li and smiles.

To be continued…

Here are the print ready A4 colouring sheets