Part 10. Nono’s ribbon

Have you ever wondered what made squirrel Nono love swooshing through the trees with such speed and joy? Gather around as Nono is about to tell the story about her long forgotten ribbon.

Nono blinks her perfectly round eyes after looking at Lili’s wings for the past minute or two. ‘You know, dear Lili…’, finally says Nono, ‘Your wings remind me of something I used to have…’.

‘When I was a baby squirrel, I used to have this huge ribbon. It was so big that I couldn’t work out where one end started and where the other ended…’, Nono begins telling her story.

‘It would get entangled in tree branches each time I tried to move. With the slightest gust of wind, the ribbon would wrap around my face and cover my eyes…’, Nono sighs, ‘…I really wish I didn’t have to wear it. I was so fed up with this ribbon’.

‘Then one day, as I was reaching for an acorn, I slipped and slid off the tree… It was no surprise that my naughty ribbon was already wrapped around one of the branches. I was about to get mad at my ribbon as usual… but this time I couldn’t… My ribbon saved me and I was left swinging gently on the tree’.

‘Oh my sweet ribbon, I am so sorry I was getting mad at you all these times – I said’. Nono continued ‘You were just trying to show me all the fun we could have had swooshing through the branches together’.

‘That is how I learned to appreciate and love my ribbon, even if it was still getting in my way sometimes. It taught me to sway through the branches with the utmost speed and joy…’.

‘I should try to find and wear it one day, so that my old naughty ribbon can be my wings again’, a nostalgic smile suddenly brightens Nono’s face as she concludes her story.

To be continued…

Here are the print ready A4 colouring sheets