Part 9. Self expression

Everybody is very excited to get to know their new friend Uni-Pony. But what is this unusual object on his head?

The friendly Lili is the first to introduce herself and welcome Uni-Pony to the group. ‘I love your art!’, exclaims butterfly Lili and flaps her wings in excitement.

The curious Nono is also rushing to say ‘hi’ to the new friend and notices an interesting object on Uni-Pony’s head, held in place by a ribbon. ‘Could that be an ice-cream cone?..’, wonders squirrel Nono.

The inquisitive Bunny Bobby is here to examine the curious head accessory for himself. ‘There is a high likelihood that this is a carrot’, concludes Bunny Bobby in his most serious voice.

Meanwhile the little hedgehog Spikey rolls into a ball away from Uni-Pony. All that Spikey can think of is that unusual pointy thing and a red baloon…Popppppp!..‘I’m sorry’, whispers Uni-Pony, ‘I didn’t mean to scare you…’. Spikey slowly opens his eyes only to see a friendly Uni-Pony face and the little hedgehog smiles.

All this excitement is making Beary quite sleepy. ‘I’m pretty sure it is a bee hive…’, whispers Beary just before slipping into his afternoon nap. Beary can almost smell and nearly taste the sweet honey as he turns on his side, licks his nose and lets out a happy sigh.

The sweet Uni-Pony is delighted to meet everybody. He smiles and is ready to answer the great question of what it is he is wearing on his head. ‘This is not an ice-cream, a carrot nor a bee hive…’, begins by explaining little pony. ‘This is a unicorn horn and it inspires me to be ME’.

‘That is called self expression’, concludes professor Mosquito. ‘That is how you become friends with yourself’.

Li is the last one to greet Uni-Pony. Chameleon Li gives a friendly hug as his colour starts to slowly change into all the shades of Uni-Pony’s art. ‘Welcome, friend’, says Li.

To be continued…

Here are the print ready A4 colouring sheets