Part 7. Bunny Bobby

While chameleon Li was looking for his colour, a fluffy bunny was waiting for his friend Beary for the afternoon tea. His name was Robert, but all his friends called him simply Bunny Bobby.

Bunny Bobby was nervously glancing at his wrist watch as minutes were slowly passing by… ‘Where is Beary?’, he thought. It was clear that his friend was late for their afternoon tea.

At the other end of the forest you could hear a rapid huffing and puffing as Beary was rushing to meet Bunny Bobby. Few minutes later Beary could run no longer as little droplets of sweat fell down his cheeks. Poor Beary stopped to catch his breath, inhaled… exhaled… slowly… and suddenly was fast asleep.

‘Oh, Beary…’, sighed Bunny Bobby, ‘why every time I see you, you are asleep…’

But little Bobby was a very organised bunny and came up with a plan. He put a loud alarm clock next to Beary’s ear in the hopes of waking him up. Then he tried playing some tunes on his trumpet… the drums..

Nothing seemed to work. Beary was still cheerfully snoring without a worry in the world. Bunny Bobby felt exhausted after trying out all the loud music instruments and tools he could possibly think of, and none helped him wake Beary up. Once it was all silent again, a little buzzing noise was getting closer. It was a fly that finally woke Beary up.

Beary jumped, looked around and noticed Bunny Bobby napping over the drum sticks… ‘Oh, Bunny Bobby’, Beary smiled, ‘why each time I see you, you are asleep…’.

To be continued…

Here are the print ready A4 colouring sheets