Part 6. Li’s colour

Chameleon Li is on a mission to find his true colour. His best friend butterfly Lili is always keen to help and suggests to call detective Snail.

Lili picked up the phone and dialled the speed number. After a short ‘beep’ a cheerful voice greeted her on the other end of the line. ‘Good day, my friend! Detective Snail here and at your service. What is the mystery we are solving today?’, he said impatiently.

As butterfly Lili was explaining the mystery of Li’s missing colour, detective Snail has already pulled out his magnifying glass and began collecting clues. First, he suggested to revisit the leaves where Li first met Lili. ‘Am I green?’, exclaimed chameleon Li in astonishment as his skin turned green the moment his tail touched the leaves.

It was soon clear that green was not the colour that chameleon Li was looking for. As he climbed higher up the tree, his skin started turning sky blue, until Li’s silhouette nearly vanished amongst the clouds.

Chameleon Li was losing hope to find his true colour as everything he got near to would make his skin to change. ‘Am I red or yellow… or pink, I will never know…’, mumbled Li as tears started gathering on his cheeks. Butterfly Lili was short of words as she tried to cheer her friend up. But suddenly unusual buzz caught detective Snail’s attention as he refused to give up on solving this mystery.

Detective Snail lifted his magnifying glass and was now able to see professor Mosquito who heard Li’s cries and rushed to offer his help. Professor Mosquito was the oldest and the wisest in the whole forest. He spoke slowly with captivating pauses that kept everyone’s attention undivided.

“Dear Li, you are a chameleon and chameleons are very special. You don’t have to look for your colour as you already have all of them in you. You can choose and be any colour you want at any time. This is called CAMOUFLAGE.”, explained professor Mosquito.

Li felt relieved and happy about this discovery about himself. ‘I love it’, he whispered before he gave everyone a big hug for helping him to find all of his colours and, most importantly, self-confidence.

To be continued…

Here are the print ready A4 colouring sheets