Part 8. Uni-Pony

Have you ever tried drawing with chalks on the pavement? There seems to be a mystery artist in Li-Lili world…

As Beary was snoozing under the afternoon sun, a mysterious artist passed by leaving chalk drawings of colourful flowers along the way.

Bunny Bobby could not believe his eyes when he saw ornaments covering his favourite scarf… ‘Who did this?..’, wondered the bunny.

Chameleon Li was so excited to see all this artwork covering his skin since he found out that he can be any colour he wants. ‘It is so beautiful!’, cheered butterfly Lili, looking at the chalk drawings below.

‘Look, Spikey! Mysterious signs! Let’s go investigate!’, squirrel Nono couldn’t hide her excitement. Meanwhile hedgehog Spikey slowly retreated behind the tree. ‘It will be safer here while the mystery is solved…’

Even detective Snail and professor Mosquito were left speechless in front of these incredible drawings… ‘This is a great example of an artistic expression’, finally stated professor Mosquito, after a thoughtful pause.

The curious forest creatures followed the trails of endless chalk drawings to find a sweet little pony doodling away. The little pony loved art and wore a beautiful golden horn over his colourful hair. He liked to be called Uni-Pony.

To be continued…

Here are the print ready A4 colouring sheets