Part 2. Hungry Lili & where does the rain come from

In this part of the story the little caterpillar Lili gets hungry and chameleon Li wonders where the rain comes from.

Lili suddenly felt very hungry and started nibbling on the leaf. Chameleon Li wanted to help his friend as he spotted some apples and other fruit nearby.

Yummy… Caterpillar Lili was enjoying her snack. She ate an apple, then a pear and then a strawberry, and then she ate another apple, another pear and another strawberry – all in the same order. “I can see a pattern now!” exclaimed chameleon Li as he watched Lili get through the fruit.

Li and Lili were relaxing after lunch and gazing at the clouds. “It seems like it may rain…”, suddenly said Lili. Chameleon Li looked puzzled. “Where does the rain come from?..”, finally he asked. Caterpillar Lili smiled gently and began to explain.

When the sun is up, the water droplets on the ground get very happy. They start jumping up and down, higher and higher…until they jump all the way to the skies and land on the thin fluffy clouds, that come out to see what all this laughter is about.

Once they are all up in the clouds and the clouds get crowded with the little water droplets, the sun slips away to hide. The water droplets start missing all the friends they left down below on the ground and start slowly to descent.

The moment the water droplets start falling down from the skies – it is called Rain!

To be continued…

Here are the print ready A4 colouring sheets