Part 1. Li meets Lili

Hello! This is the first part of the colouring book series Li-Lili. The story begins when the little chameleon Li meets Lili who is still a caterpillar. They become best friends and start exploring the world around them.

One day the little chameleon Li saw some strange droplets on the leaf. He got very curious and moved closer to see what it was. He pulled up all his courage and asked silently “Hi… are you a raindrop?”

Suddenly the little droplet popped and out came a little caterpillar with a very big smile. She looked at a confused chameleon, blinked with her huge eyelashes and said “Hi!”

The little caterpillar was called Lili. She was very excited to meet her new friend. Chameleon Li was no longer scared and greeted his new friend with a welcoming smile.

Lili told him all about the exciting weeks ahead of her in preparation to become a butterfly – the Cycle of a Butterfly. But first she felt very hungry…

To be continued…

Here are the print ready A4 colouring sheets